VPNext - Lease of server with pre-configured VPN software

You get isolated space (VPS) where fully pre-configured VPN server already works.
Only one user has access to it. This guarantees the best possible efficiency and security.

VPN server has a static IP in one of European countries, which helps to avoid problems of access to the web-services that are sensitive to changes of access point and also to set up secure remote connection via IP to home or office network.

VPN-connection setting is carried out by standard means of Operating Systems, without additional software.

6 months
  • 3.6€ / 1 month
  • Save 24%
  • Traffic 500Gb / mo.
  • DE or US dedicated IP
  • 7-day money-back
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12 months
Best Deal!
  • 2.9€ / 1 month
  • Save 38%
  • Traffic 500Gb / mo.
  • DE or US dedicated IP
  • 7-day money-back
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1 month
  • 4.7€ / 1 month
  • Traffic 500Gb
  • DE or US dedicated IP
  • 3-day money-back
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Payment Methods

Using PayPal and Paymentwall you can make single payments or take a subscription to recurring payments for automatic withdrawal of cash and prolongation of services.

Connection to VPNext

Order on the web-site

Choose and pay for connection package, indicating Name (Login), E-mail and Password. Later you will use these data to get access to your Client Area.

Getting an e-mail

Get an E-mail with IP address of VPNext server with a manual for creating Login and Password for connecting devices to it. Please check up “Spam” folder: some mail-services regard as spam all “automatic” e-mails from web-sites.


Follow the link from the e-mail for initial configuring of VPNext server. It is necessary to preset administrator Password, and also User Name and Password for connecting devices. Approximately in 40 seconds the server will be ready for functioning.

Connecting devices

All that is left to you is to set up VPN connection on your end devices with the help of a simple manual. Enjoy your work!

Advantages of VPNext

  • Work with all OS – Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android.
  • Protocol L2TP/IPsec - one of the most secure ones at the moment.
  • No limitations for the number of connected devices.
  • Static IP in one of European countries.
  • No log files – fact that you can check on your own.
  • Powerful servers in European data-centres.
  • Setting by standard means of OS, without additional software.
  • High speed.