Frequently asked questions

When you connecting by standard means of OS, L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol is used – one of the most secure ones at the moment. SoftEther VPN Client Manager for Windows and MacOS work with “SSL-VPN” protocol, which is impossible to distuinguish from usual HTTPS-traffic (for example, for China).​

Servers are situated in a number of European countries. You get a VPN server (IP) in one of them. IP is dedicated (fixed), therefore it is not possible to “switch” from one country to another (to change IP). At the same time it helps to avoid problems of access to the web-services that are sensitive to changes of access point. (For example, Apple can block user’s ID because of frequent change of regions. Gmail as well as many game and cloud resources and other services in such a situation tend to suspect account hacking).
Looking forward, we are planning to provide opportunity for users to choose the country in which they will get a static IP.

User gets an opportunity to individually set parameters of VPNext server, including switching on and off logs. Special VPN server control Software is used for it. With its help it will be easy to make sure that logs are not kept and that you are the only user on the server, and VPN protocol corresponds to the declared one.
Follow closely manual on work with the given software. Incorrect use can result in failures in the work of the server. Server recovery is a paid service.

You can set up VPN connection on all devices with operating systems Windows (еxcept XP), Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux.

Look up on our web-site manuals for setting up L2TP/IPsec VPN connection for different devices.
It’s easy!

PayPal (including payment by cards Visa and Mastercard) and also payment gateway Paymentwall that enables one to make payments by bank cards, electronic wallets and using a mobile phone. We also accept crypto-currencies.
Using PayPal and Paymentwall you can make single payments or take a subscription to recurring payments for automatic withdrawal of cash and prolongation of services.

An e-mail with VPNext server address and manual for creating Login and Password for connecting devices to it.
All this is sent by E-mail. Do your try not to make a mistake with address. And check up “Spam” folder: some mail-services regard as spam all “automatic” e-mails from web-sites.

Yes. Technical support is available free of charge on weekdays from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., Moscow time.
If server function was disrupted due to the user’s improvised change of pre-configured VPN software, server recovery will be a paid service.
Contact us via e-mail support@vp-next.com or submit ticket.