About VPNext

How VPNext works?

On a dedicated server the user gets isolated space (VPS) where fully pre-configured VPN server already works. Only one user has access to it. This guarantees the best possible efficiency and security.

VPN server has a static IP in one of foreign countries, which helps to avoid problems of access to the web-services that are sensitive to changes of access point and also to set up secure remote connection via IP to home or office network.

VPN connection setting is carried out by standard means of Operating Systems, without additional software.
This is especially important in case of old and not very powerful OS as well as for smartphones.

Advanced users can set up special software to control VPN server. This will enable users to change parameters on their own – to change connection protocol, add additional users (this can influence speed), create filters and access lists.

Connecting to the same VPN server (IP) from different locations makes it easy to create a secure home-to-home, home-to-office or office-to-office network.

We are not a VPN service. We offer lease of a server with VPN software.
You have the possibility to set it up in accordance with the laws of your country.


VPNext advantages

For all VPN users:

  • Work with all main OS – Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android.
  • No log files on the server side – fact that you can check on your own.
  • L2TP/IPsec protocol – one of the most secure ones at the moment.
  • Work with “SSL-VPN” protocol, which is impossible to distuinguish from usual HTTPS-traffic (for example, for China).​
  • Static IP in one of foreign countries, which helps to avoid problems of access to the web-services that are sensitive to changes of access point.
  • Cheaper than usual VPN service.
  • Powerful servers in foreign data-centres.
  • No limitations for the number of connected devices.
  • VPN connection setting by standard means of operating systems, without additional software.
  • IP-address of your server is known only to you. IP-addresses blocks belong to different data-centres, and and it makes whole subnets IP blocking much more difficult.

For “Server control Software” users:

  • Choice of protocols – L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, MS-SSTP, L2TPv3.
  • Built-in DHCP-сервер.
  • IPv6, QoS.
  • Work not only via TCP/UDP, but also via ICMP and DNS.
  • Turning on and off logging on the server.
  • Possibility to arrange work from the office, getting round System administrators’ shield.

To connect to VPNext is easy:

Order VPN

Choose and pay for connection package for 1, 6 or 12 months.

E-mail with IP

Get an E-mail with IP address of VPNext server and manual for initial configuring of the server.

VPN server

Supply User Name and Password for VPN connection of end devices.

VPN on devices

Configure VPN connection on your home devices. Enjoy your work!