Don’t want to go to the “Settings” of the Android every time to turn on the VPN?
Nothing is easier!
Here are some applications that allow you to instantly access this feature:

VPN Settings

"A simple application to open the default Android VPN Settings menu. With this application you don't need to go to your System Settings to open the VPN, simply open this application and it will launch the VPN Settings for you. It works as a shortcut to the VPN Settings".

VPN settings on home screen

"This App opens the VPN settings. You can add a link on the home screen, in order to open VPN setting quickly".

VPN Settings

"Made this app to save time getting to the VPN settings as there was no native shortcut and had to go through the full System Settings to get there. Simply place it on your home screen or where ever you feel like and treat it like a shortcut".

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