Your individual VPN service
with your own rules!

From 2,9€ per month

You need VPN service that...

...opens all web-sites?
...functions in any country?

You need VPN protocol...

...quick, unlike OpenVPN, and safe, unlike PPTP?

You need your data...

...not to be kept in VPN service logs and not to be exposed to "DNS leak"?

You need your end devices... be connected all, without limitations in VPN tariff?

You need connection to VPN...

...without additional software, not to use up memory?

You need IP for... requiring dedicated (static), not dynamic, address?

Then you need your own VPN service!

Quick, safe, only yours.

Individual VPN service with your own rules.

VPNext - это просто

Difficult? Not at all!

You just take lease of VPNext server with pre-installed software and become the owner and the only user of VPN service. All that is left to you is to connect to it your end devices with the help of a simple manual.

VPNext - это дешево

Expensive? Cheaper than usual VPN.

Use it as you please, but don’t forget to comply with the laws of your country. Remember that in this situation you are the one who is responsible for it. Just set up filtering on your VPN server.

Advantages of VPNext

Operating Systems

Work with all OS - Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android.​


Setting by standard means of OS, without additional software.​


No limitations for the number of connected devices.


Powerful servers in European data-centres.​


Protocol L2TP/IPsec - one of the most secure ones at the moment.​


No log files – fact that you can check on your own.​


High data transfer rate.


Static IP in one of European countries.​


Cheaper than usual VPN.

Payment Methods

3 Days - Free Trial
  • 0€ / 3 days
  • Traffic 3Gb
12 months
Best Deal!
  • 2.9€ / 1 month
  • Save 32%
  • Traffic 500Gb / mo.
  • DE dedicated IP
  • UK, US - coming soon
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  • 3.6€ / 1 month
  • Save 16%
  • Traffic 500Gb / mo.
  • DE dedicated IP
  • UK, US - coming soon
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  • 4.3€ / 1 month
  • Traffic 500Gb
  • DE dedicated IP
  • UK, US - coming soon
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Why do you need VPN?


By connecting to a VPN server, you get a new IP address in another country, which allows you to hide your real location.


Your devices transfer data over open networks along encrypted VPN channels. All your traffic is securely protected against intruders and strangers’ eyes.

No restrictions

Changing your real IP address for an address in another country, VPN opens blocked or geographically restricted web-sites.